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Midsummer luncheon

Yesterday we had a lovely lunch at Ian and Anna’s house, so us scandos (Anna and me) could celebrate midsummer. There were eight of us, and everyone brought something for the meal, so we had a very international selection of … Continue reading

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Wednesday was the longest day of the year, and the Friday after the Nordic countries celebrate the pagan tradition Midsummer. It varies the way you celebrate, but most people dance around a maypole, eat traditional food such as pickled herring … Continue reading

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Premiere: British strawberries

I was extremely happy when I noticed British strawberries in the supermarket yesterday. Is it that time already?! Grown in Kent they tasted like early strawberries do; some nice and sweet, some a bit sour and some a bit bland. … Continue reading

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Perfect supper for a cleaning day

Even though I love cooking, I don’t particular like other domestic chores. Laundry is ok, but ironing is a bit boring. And I hate doing the washing up, and am forever grateful that we have a dishwasher. Worst of all … Continue reading

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Fish burgers, sort of

I try sometimes, not to spend a fortune on food every week, but it is so diffucult not to when I find lots of interesting recipes everywhere. I bought fresh Alaskan Pollock the other day, because it is quite a … Continue reading

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Kärleksmums or Love yummies

These cakes are a classic in Sweden and you find the recipe in the great cookbook Swedish cakes and cookies. The name means love yummies, but I have no idea why they have aquired this name. But they are yummy … Continue reading

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Salmon tartar with cream cheese top

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s day! We did. My cupcakes and chocolate biscuits disappreared quickly at work, which is a good sign and when I got home Christopher and I exchanged cards. The same card! Out of … Continue reading

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Smörgåstårta (sandwich cake)

I guess for non-Swedish people, this dish seems a bit bizarre. It is a cake made with bread and savoury fillings, and in my opinion really yummy. It is quite old school but seems to have a revival at the … Continue reading

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Cloudberry parfait with cognac

I am nearly done talking about that dinner a week and a bit ago. This is the 4th course out of 5, so nearly there… This was the pre-dessert, and unlike a sorbet this isn’t much of a palate cleanser, … Continue reading

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Thick bacon pancake

This is cheap and filling peasant food. I used to eat this all the time as a student in Lund together with my flatmates Malin and Tobbe. It is easy to make and belongs to the same family as toad in … Continue reading

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