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Aubergine gratin with mozzarella and pancetta

Before I made the absolutely gorgeous aubergine lasagne, I came up with this – its predecessor. And boy, this was good too! Can it be anything but delicious when combining aubergines with buffalo mozzarella and pancetta, I wonder? NO! I … Continue reading

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Sicilian omelette

Yet another recipe courtesy of the lovely Nigella. This omelette is quick, filling and absolutely delicious despite the fewingredients. I love omelettes, since I learned that I prefer them creamy instead of set, and they’re even better with cheese on. … Continue reading

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Creamy Croque Monsiuer

Since I visited Gaby in the autumn, I have been meaning to try to re-create the croque monsieur we had in a French brasserie in Winchester – it was absolutely perfect! And this weekend, I came pretty close! Yay! 🙂 This … Continue reading

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Yummy frittata

It is sometimes needed to clear out the fridge, and I love when some leftovers result in a lovely meal. For this frittata I used up some new potatoes, asparagus, feta and sunblush tomatoes. It was lovely and the different … Continue reading

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Mexican scrambled eggs – my way

In the cookbook Nigella Express, Nigella has a recipe for Mexican scrambled eggs with soft tortillas, chilli, spring onions and tomato, and although that sounds very appealing to me, I wanted to make my own version with the hard tortilla … Continue reading

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Caesar salad with quick dressing

I just love this salad! And I actually really like salads in general, but because of my way-less-fiber-diet-to-keep-the-stomach-happy, most salads are difficult for me, but a Caesar sallad is in a way a non salad. I know it has lettuce … Continue reading

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Quesadillas fried in butter, with courgette, chilli and coriander

The first time I learned about quesadillas was when I still lived with my parents and I saw Jamie Oliver on TV. His version was simple: soft tortillas + grated cheese + sliced spring onions + chopped red chilli + … Continue reading

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Hannu’s Christmas patĂ©

My mother is very much into her gardening, and she’s very good at it too, everyone who has seen her garden can verify that. One of my mother’s favourites within gardening is a Swede called Hannu Sarenström, and he does … Continue reading

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Mushroom toast with wilted spinach

It was Christopher’s birthday on Sunday so we have had a real food orgie of a weekend. Not that I’m complaining… 😉 On Friday we went to Christopher’s mother and she served a lovely three course meal; halloumi with lime dressing, … Continue reading

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Squid sandwiches

I went out for drinks with work on Thursday, even though we only get together when it is someone’s leaving do, it was still nice. The wine just keep on coming, so after three glasses and not much to eat since … Continue reading

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