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A reminder: Bruschetta

I came down with a terrible cold on Sunday. Just bam it hit me, and I got the lot; sore throat, runny nose, fever… At least it broke out quickly and the recovery seem pretty quick as well. Fever is … Continue reading

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Classic tomato salad

After seeing this the other day, I craved tomato salad, something I haven’t eaten since I was in Provence in 2007. Weird, since it is such a nice and refreshing little salad. And incredibly easy to make. Just make sure … Continue reading

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And a little dessert…

The vegan dessert I had planned was almond biscuits with rose water buttercream wedged in between. But that didn’t happen. Apparently it is very difficult to make a vegan buttercream that involves rose water. Ifailed. Three times. So I had … Continue reading

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Mezze: amazing lamb scewers and Damascene lentil salad

Another recipe courtesy of the carismathic Syrian chef is this phenomenal lentil salad with pasta. Unfortunately my stomach does not allow me to eat lentils, but I still wanted to make this for my friends. Pasta is actually quite common … Continue reading

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Mezze: Fatoush and Maroccan carrot salad

At least one salad is compulsory when having mezze, and the most common one is probably tabbouleh, but I chose to make fatoush instead, the same way we made it in Syria when cooking with the chef. I completely forgot … Continue reading

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Mezze: Baked aubergine with pomegranate and stuffed courgettes

As always when I go on holiday, i filled my bags with groceries when I was on my way home from Syria. Soon thereafter I bought the fabulous cookbook Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi and he uses alot of the things … Continue reading

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Mezze: Hummus, chilli dip and flatbread

I have grouped the recipes from Friday’s dinner, so this is the first lot. When eating mezze it is a must to have a few dips for the bread. The most common one is of course hummus, and here is … Continue reading

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