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Ottolenghi’s one pot wonder

As I might have told you several times already, I am a huge fan of Ottolenghi’s cooking. Mostly I adore his cookbook Plenty but I also like the Ottolenghi cookbook that was published before Plenty. This recipe is another one … Continue reading

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Carrot and coriander soup

I made this British classic for the first time last week, and fell in love, if that is possible with a soup. I love the smooth velvety texture and the combination och sweet carrots and flowery coriander really works. We … Continue reading

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Farfalle with smoked salmon, broad beans and chives

Although I love cooking, I don’t particulary enjoy to cook for only myself. If I need to I want something that’s quick, but still enjoyable. There are other times when that type of cooking is required too. Like when Christopher … Continue reading

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Chicken and chorizo with roasted new potatoes

The best way to get a nice dinner in exchange for little cooking is to use the oven. A few days ago I made this utterly simple traybake of chicken thighs, chorizo, new potatoes and celeriac. The chorizo is so … Continue reading

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Creamy polenta with mushrooms and chorizo

I’ve tried once before to make creamy polenta but I failed terribly although (or despite of) I followed the instructions on the back of the packet. To not repeat my failure I consulted an Italian cookbook (Bringing Italy Home by … Continue reading

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Chicken thighs with asparagus couscous

I know that a lot of people prefer the fillets when they buy chicken, but I have always prefered the darker meat. Which was perfect at home when I grew up. If he had a whole roast chicken, my dad … Continue reading

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Green pasta salad with bacon

On Monday when it was a bank holiday here, me and some friends tried to make the most of the extra day off, and met up for a picnic. It was very windy unfortuately, so we had to hold onto … Continue reading

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Two-root slaw

My tummy is extremely sensitive to too much fiber (or the wrong kind). It can be a hassle, but it is lovely to be pain-free after several years of constant pain. I have had to give up a few things … Continue reading

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Simple pasta

I really like fresh filled pasta such as ravioli and tortellini, but I always end up disappointed when I buy some from the supermarket. However, Italian brands found in delicatessens are great. We found this lovely mushroom tortellini at Partridge’s and … Continue reading

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Perfect supper for a cleaning day

Even though I love cooking, I don’t particular like other domestic chores. Laundry is ok, but ironing is a bit boring. And I hate doing the washing up, and am forever grateful that we have a dishwasher. Worst of all … Continue reading

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