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Poussins with rosemary and lemon, and the most wonderful jus

It is not the first time I have cooked poussins this way. I followed my usual recipe but simplified it and didn’t brown them before roasting them, and they turned out better than ever! However, it was the simple but … Continue reading

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Roast topside of beef with bèarnaise sauce

My little autumn cooking project will be to master all kinds of roasts and casseroles, ans it is so much fun. We had this for supper last Saturday and it was lovely. If we have steak I prefer mine blue, … Continue reading

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Roast lamb shoulder with roast potatoes and red wine and porcini sauce

I thoroughly enjoy the Sunday roasts so common in this country, and it is certainly the season for it again now. So last Sunday we had the frist roast with roast potatoes for a while, and it was lovely! I … Continue reading

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Caramelised pork fillet, potatoes with tomatoes and parmesan, and a cold dijon and honey sauce

In Sweden pork fillet is the most common cut of meat for dinner parties. I state that as a fact, and I am convinced I am right, but with no real research to back it up apart from my own … Continue reading

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Pork cheek confit with sage sauce

Unusual cuts of meat have been popular for a while, probably a lot thanks to Fergus Henderson, and it is almost comical that we now pay lots of money for what used to be peasant food for our grandparent’s generation. … Continue reading

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Barbecue and canapés with girolles

The second day in Southern Sweden we spent the day in Falsterbo, a lovely little town by the seaside because Christopher was playing golf with Claes there all day, at a links course with insane amounts of water but nice … Continue reading

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The first evening back home: crayfish and hollandaise

We went back home to Sweden last Tuesday and after being picked up in Malmö we had a lovely lunch at Katrinetorp where we also had a look in their antique shop and after a quick visit at the shop … Continue reading

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Pork souvlaki

At this time of year, I want to barbecue every meal, but living in a small flat without garden or balcony I can only dream. And invite myself over to other people with outdoor space and a barbecue. But some … Continue reading

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Chicken satay with rice, peanut sauce and Asian-inspired salad

These juicy chicken scewers are absolutely wonderful. You can serve them cold on a picnic; with a salsa dip as a canapé or with rice and peanut sauce as a fulfilling dinner. The chicken should in an ideal world be … Continue reading

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Calamari, wild garlic mayo, asparagus and potato wedges

We had this lovely supper one day in the middle of the week, last week. Why? Because we can. No, but squid is so cheap, and it makes such a lovely summery meal. The best mayo I’ve ever made is … Continue reading

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