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Jerusalem artichoke soup 2.0

Jerusalem artichoke is one of my favourite root vegetables and something I would love to grow if I had a garden. Since I don’t, I get mine in Waitrose or at Borough Market. This soup was well liked on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Carrot and coriander soup

I made this British classic for the first time last week, and fell in love, if that is possible with a soup. I love the smooth velvety texture and the combination och sweet carrots and flowery coriander really works. We … Continue reading

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A reminder: green pea soup

I have mentioned green pea soup on this blog before, but that was a while ago now and I think it is time for a gentle reminder. The reason for this is, that I think this is one of the … Continue reading

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Prawn soup

We had fresh prawns for dinner on Friday. With salad, boiled eggs, mayonnaise and garlic bread. Yum! And when you peel prawns yourself you are left with the stinking shells. Either you need to take them out to the wheely bin … Continue reading

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Sweet potato soup with coconut milk and cumin

I like sweet potatoes in any shape or form, but it is a vegetable I have only got to know the last couple of years. It is very easy to cook with sweet potatoes because they cook through so quickly and … Continue reading

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Lobster stock

I’m trying to get better at not wasting food. I am actually pretty good, but there is always room for improvement. So I saved the lobster shells from NYE to make stock wihich I then reduced and froze as ice … Continue reading

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Beetroot soup with thyme

Since we ate the lovely beetroot soup at the Wolsley has someone been nagging me to cook beetroot soup. I had never cooked it before but am always keen to try something new in the kitchen. I used this Swedish recipe for … Continue reading

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Tuscan bean soup

I really like soup, and ideally I’d like to eat soup at least twice a week. But because I have some issues with my stomach and too much fiber in the food, I haven’t had as much soup as one … Continue reading

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Swedish peasant food: stewed spinach, fried potatoes, eggs and frankfurters

My mother used to (and still does) distinguish weekday food from weekend food. On weeknights we used to have mostly peasant food like meatballs, sausages and mash, soups etc and on the weekends she would go all out with fillet … Continue reading

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Green pea soup

This is one of my favourite soups! I love the beautiful green colour, that it only takes a couple of minutes to cook, and of course the lovely taste. And it is very filling too. I prefer to have some … Continue reading

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