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I’m in Liverpool visiting my Swedish friend Karin and even though it is cold and windy here, it was sunny all day yesterday so we made sure to sit outside for lunch and soak up the sunshine. Ribs, chicken wings, … Continue reading

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Crayfish party

The autumn has come to London. The city is rainy and grey and everyone has the post-holiday blues. I am however happy! Because tonight we’re having a few friends over for a Swedish crayfish party. I love crayfish, and am … Continue reading

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Pickled cucumber

In Sweden we call pickled cucumber pressgurka and it is very easy to make. I love it with paté on a sandwich, but it is great with meatballs, boiled potatoes and creamy gravy as well. Pickled cucumber – pressgurka 1/2 … Continue reading

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Daim cookies

I think I had my first crush on Daim instead of a boy. We used to eat lots of daim bars at home when I was a child, and I loved them, but I didn’t have a crush on daim … Continue reading

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Madeleines take 1

Before I moved to England I had never encountered madeleines, despite being on holiday in France, but since I moved here I enjoy them quite often. Of course I would like to make my own instead of buying them, that … Continue reading

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Peanut butter cookies

I’ve been longing to make peanut butter cookies for quite a while, and finally yesterday I had the whole day at home and I was baking away. I found this recipe on a Swedish blog called Söta saker (Sweet things) … Continue reading

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Stuffed mushrooms with ricotta

I have tried this Jamie Oliver recipe twice and really like it as a casual canapé. The first time I followed the recipe but had to use fresh thyme instead of oregano as the supermarket in Sweden didn’t have any … Continue reading

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Fernandez & Leluu

Yesterday Gaby and I went to Fernandez & Leluu’s supperclub, and it was a very interesting evening. Either of us hadn’t been where they live before, and we misjudged how long the bus would take and was slightly late. So … Continue reading

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Now I really want to bake

I received my much awaited (since yesterday) parcels today, containing cake decoration supplies, and really want to start baking at once. Isn’t it cute?! I really like the penguin cookie cutter and can’t wait to use the sparkles.

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I will for the first time tonight go to a supperclub, something I was totally unaware even existed a couple of months ago. But I am so looking forward to it! I am going with my foodie friend Gaby and … Continue reading

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