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Quesadillas fried in butter, with courgette, chilli and coriander

The first time I learned about quesadillas was when I still lived with my parents and I saw Jamie Oliver on TV. His version was simple: soft tortillas + grated cheese + sliced spring onions + chopped red chilli + … Continue reading

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Deep-fried camembert with cloudberry jam

I like to hoard (and eat, not just hoard) Swedish groceries when I go back to visit. It must be several kilos of food that I have carried in my suitcase the last 2,5 years. Last time I carried over … Continue reading

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Prawn sandwich Swedish style

Sometimes easy is good. Like this sandwich for example. It is important to choose nice bread, a good mayo (homemade or Hellman’s), nice Icelandic prawns, and to boil the eggs exactly the way you want them (I want mine with the … Continue reading

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Squid sandwiches

I went out for drinks with work on Thursday, even though we only get together when it is someone’s leaving do, it was still nice. The wine just keep on coming, so after three glasses and not much to eat since … Continue reading

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Butternut squash soup with chilli

It felt like winter yesterday evening. Cold wind and after a short short walk I was freezing. So when I finally got in I put on sheepskin slippers and made a warming soup. As much as I hate being cold … Continue reading

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Yummy sandwiches

What do to with leftover aioli? Make some nice sandwiches and spread them with beautiful yellow aioli, add parma ham, salami and cheddar. Soo tasty. Yummy sandwiches Simply bake some homebake ciabattas in the oven, leave to cool, cut in half and spread both … Continue reading

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This is my own version, which I looove. I have to have it with fajitas, tacos or Dorito’s. It might not be an authentic recipe, but it is so good that I don’t really care about that. 🙂 Guacamole, 1-2 … Continue reading

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Fattiga riddare – sweet eggy bread

When we make french toast in Sweden it is slightly different, we call it Fattiga riddare (which means poor knights), and it is just a sweeter version of french toast/eggy bread. It is usually served as a afternoon snack for … Continue reading

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