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It is the second year in a row now that the four of us (Ian, Anna, Christopher and myself) have travelled to Bruges for the Christmas markets. For the other three, it is actually the third year in a row, … Continue reading

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I really like eating out at gourmet places where they have food I just can’t cook myself, and I dislike readymeals and want to cook everything from scratch as a principal. Sometimes though, I take shortcuts, and it is really … Continue reading

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Bruges & Brussels

Hi there! Can you believe that it is the first Sunday in Advent this Sunday?! Where has the year gone? I love this time of year though and all the preparations before Christmas. I can’t wait to bake and put … Continue reading

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Rabbit stew with cider

I know that eating rabbit might not be politically correct, but it is very tasty. More and more restaurants are serving rabbit and you can buy it from Ocado (like I did). The meat is very tender and juicy and … Continue reading

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Supperclub #3

It is time for a supperclub visit again tonight! As usual I’m going with Gaby and this time her parents are joining us because it is a Thanksgiving dinner we are going to, and her dad is American. I’m really … Continue reading

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Tuscan bean soup

I really like soup, and ideally I’d like to eat soup at least twice a week. But because I have some issues with my stomach and too much fiber in the food, I haven’t had as much soup as one … Continue reading

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Prawn sandwich Swedish style

Sometimes easy is good. Like this sandwich for example. It is important to choose nice bread, a good mayo (homemade or Hellman’s), nice Icelandic prawns, and to boil the eggs exactly the way you want them (I want mine with the … Continue reading

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Caramel sauce

We have the tiniest freezer. It is not even a freezer, it is just a tiny freezer compartment in the fridge. That is the only downside with our kitchen, but it is a big one… Well, a girl can’t have … Continue reading

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Chicken in stilton sauce with fennel gratin

This dish might look beige, but I promise there is nothing beige about the taste. The Stilton flavour is a bit subtle, but definitely there, well balanced by sweetness in the chilli sauce. The fennel is soft and fresh and you … Continue reading

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Swedish peasant food: stewed spinach, fried potatoes, eggs and frankfurters

My mother used to (and still does) distinguish weekday food from weekend food. On weeknights we used to have mostly peasant food like meatballs, sausages and mash, soups etc and on the weekends she would go all out with fillet … Continue reading

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