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Bacon-wrapped pork patties with za’atar

As you might recall, we went to Syria on holiday before all hell broke loose over there, in March. And I still found myself so grateful for the experience. Especially the food experience, of course. Like za’atar, and especially the … Continue reading

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Asparagus risotto

Right now our diet mainly consists of rhubarb and aspargus. I love both, so it is not a problem but one has to come up with a few new ways of eating it, not to grow bored. When it was … Continue reading

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Wild garlic mayonnaise

On Friday we had a simple dinner consisting of salad, tigerprawns, bread, nice Swedish cheese (gräddost) and the main act – wild garlic mayo. I had some wild garlic left that I needed to use up and although I knew … Continue reading

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Chicken thighs with asparagus couscous

I know that a lot of people prefer the fillets when they buy chicken, but I have always prefered the darker meat. Which was perfect at home when I grew up. If he had a whole roast chicken, my dad … Continue reading

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Asparagus and wild garlic quiche

I am one of those people that are cold all the time. Weird I know, since I am from a cold country… I have certainly heard that before. Why I am so cold, I don’t know, but when I don’t … Continue reading

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