Green pasta salad with bacon

On Monday when it was a bank holiday here, me and some friends tried to make the most of the extra day off, and met up for a picnic. It was very windy unfortuately, so we had to hold onto our didposable plates. But it is always nice to get together, drink rosé and eat nice food.

I contributed with this pasta salad. It is easy to make, and really nice on its own or with chicken.

Green pasta salad with bacon, serves 4 or 6-8 on a picnic

300 g fusilli pasta

3 tbsp pesto

3 msk olivolja

1 courgette

1 packet smoked bacon

a few handfuls baby spinach

Cook the pasta, drain and rinse in cold water to get rid of the starch. Slice the courgette and cut the slices in half. Fry in olive oil on medium heat until soft. Leave to cool.  Fry the bacon in small pieces until crispy. Drain from excess fat on kitchen towel. Mix pesto and oil in a large bowl. Add the pasta and mix thoroughly. Add courgette, bacon and spinach. Mix again. 

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