Quesadillas fried in butter, with courgette, chilli and coriander

The first time I learned about quesadillas was when I still lived with my parents and I saw Jamie Oliver on TV. His version was simple: soft tortillas + grated cheese + sliced spring onions + chopped red chilli + dry frying pan. They were delicious and since then I have made lots of different versions myself. But I have always always used a dry pan as he did.

Until I read on  Pioneer Woman about how much better it is with quesadillas fried in plenty of butter. Nothing bad about Jamie, but I think I trust Ree in this one. 🙂 The same evening I madee some. Only because we had some tortillas left that needed to be eaten. I love when that happens, when I get given a reason to eat something yummy. 🙂

What I had at hand was fresh coriander, red chillies, grated gruyére and courgettes. And butter. It was sooo much better with butter!

Quesadillas fried in butter, with courgette, chilli and coriander

I won’t give you any measurements, just grab what you think will do. These are easy to throw together.

soft flour tortillas

grated strong cheese

chopped red chillies (seeds and membranes removed)

chopped coriander


olive oil


Slice the courgette finely and fry in oil until it is nice and golden. Add salt and pepper. Melt butter and some oil (to prevent the butter from burning) in a  frying pan on medium heat. Put one tortilla in the pan. Add the cheese, chillies and coriander. Distribute the courgette and maybe add some more cheese. Put another tortilla on top and press it down with the palm of your hand. When the bottom tortilla is golden and crisp, turn the quesadilla around to fry the other side in more butter. This is the only tricky bit, because we don’t want the filling to fall pout. Turn it around using a plate or two spatulas. When golden and crisp on the other side too, cut into wedges and serve immediately, perhaps with some salsa and/or guacemole.  

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