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Aubergine gratin with mozzarella and pancetta

Before I made the absolutely gorgeous aubergine lasagne, I came up with this – its predecessor. And boy, this was good too! Can it be anything but delicious when combining aubergines with buffalo mozzarella and pancetta, I wonder? NO! I … Continue reading

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Alaskan pollock with mustardy leeks and potato salad with cabbage

My French colleague Fabienne is always very impressed by my cooking/baking skills and says that she can’t cook. I don’t believe her, I think all French women can cook. And so far she has not been able to convince me, … Continue reading

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Broadbean salad with eggs, bacon and parmesan

I had lived in the UK for two years when I heard about the Two Fat Ladies for the first time, via a Swedish food blog. Oh, the irony… I bought the DVD box straight away and although I love … Continue reading

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Italian asparagus tart

I have been wanting to try Ursula Ferigno’s asparagus tart recipe in the wonderful cookbook Bringing Italy Home for a while now, and when I finally got around to it, it was as lovely as I had hoped it would … Continue reading

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Cauliflower terrine and parma ham

Every time I go back to Sweden I always end up bringing recipes back to London, one way or the other. Either scribbles on notes (from my mothers cookbooks) or from a magazine. Since we fly to and from Copenhagen … Continue reading

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Scallops with pea purée and basil sauce

I manged with a themed dinner on Friday, a bit unintentionally. When I was standing in the kitchen making bruschetta and the basil scent overpowered the kitchen it hit me that peas and basil would be great together. And they … Continue reading

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A reminder: Bruschetta

I came down with a terrible cold on Sunday. Just bam it hit me, and I got the lot; sore throat, runny nose, fever… At least it broke out quickly and the recovery seem pretty quick as well. Fever is … Continue reading

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Classic tomato salad

After seeing this the other day, I craved tomato salad, something I haven’t eaten since I was in Provence in 2007. Weird, since it is such a nice and refreshing little salad. And incredibly easy to make. Just make sure … Continue reading

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Fabulous aubergine lasagne

I was so proud of myself last night, because I had managed to fix my laptop that wasn’t working all by myself. And, more importantly, I made this amazing lasagne. I know it doesn’t sound very humble to say that, … Continue reading

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Asparagus risotto

Right now our diet mainly consists of rhubarb and aspargus. I love both, so it is not a problem but one has to come up with a few new ways of eating it, not to grow bored. When it was … Continue reading

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