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Chicken thighs with asparagus couscous

I know that a lot of people prefer the fillets when they buy chicken, but I have always prefered the darker meat. Which was perfect at home when I grew up. If he had a whole roast chicken, my dad … Continue reading

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Chicken quiche with pesto and cream cheese

It has been a lot of focus on Syria lately, so I thought it would be good to post a recipe before I show you the last posts about the holiday, to break it up a little. Now that my … Continue reading

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Caesar salad with quick dressing

I just love this salad! And I actually really like salads in general, but because of my way-less-fiber-diet-to-keep-the-stomach-happy, most salads are difficult for me, but a Caesar sallad is in a way a non salad. I know it has lettuce … Continue reading

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Hannu’s Christmas paté

My mother is very much into her gardening, and she’s very good at it too, everyone who has seen her garden can verify that. One of my mother’s favourites within gardening is a Swede called Hannu Sarenström, and he does … Continue reading

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Cider chicken with creamy sauce and gratinated butternut squash

Last Monday the supper was a proper bull’s eye. I love when everything comes together like it was meant to be. We had a bottle of cider open from the night before and needed to use it up. I had … Continue reading

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Chicken in stilton sauce with fennel gratin

This dish might look beige, but I promise there is nothing beige about the taste. The Stilton flavour is a bit subtle, but definitely there, well balanced by sweetness in the chilli sauce. The fennel is soft and fresh and you … Continue reading

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Roast chicken with thyme

Using the same method as with the poussins, I roasted a chicken the other day. To me, a roast chicken is a very hearty meal, probably because it reminds me of childhood dinners when my dear mother roasted the chicken. … Continue reading

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Poussins with rosemary and lemon

I was incredibly proud of myself on Sunday! I made poussins for the first time and they were (if I may say so myself) delicious! The meat was tender and very moist and the flavours from the seasoning really came … Continue reading

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Chicken cannelloni with bacon

Cannelloni is great to serve at dinner parties, it is tasty and you can prepare it the day before and have time to greet your guests. Served with garlic bread and a nice salad it can be a feast! Chicken … Continue reading

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Smoked paprika chicken stroganoff

When my friend Gaby stayed with us a couple of days ago I made this Gordon Ramsay recipe, and she described it as grown-up comfort food. Definitely a term Nigella would agree with. 😉 This is autumnal, comforting and has … Continue reading

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