Nice bubbles

The drinking culture is quite I mean vast in difference between Sweden and England. To generalise: in Sweden you drink at special occasions, mainly Friday and Saturday night. In England you drink to socialise and it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.

So my relationship to alcohol has definitely chaged since I moved here, it is more relaxed here, and the main purpose is to socialise and have a great time. To make something a special occasion or just to indulge, champagne always adds the oh la la. In Sweden that is reserved to very  special occasions, and just opening the bottle the two of you is rarely done.

But since I moved here and started working with mainly French people I have learned that there is always something to celebrate and you can drink champagen when someone is leaving the company, or starting, or just because you feel like it.

I love this approach and my English friends have the same approach. We love to start a dinner party with some bubbly, and sometimes we just share a bottle at home because we feel like it. Be it a Wednesday or a Saturday, it doesn’t matter.

Among the larger brands NV champagne I now have a favourite – Pol Roger. This brand was also Winston Churchill’s bubbles of choice and that is why one of their champagnes are named after him.

What I liked about Pol Roger Brut NV was that it is dry, which I prefer, and lovely little pillars of bubbles. It feels and tastes luxurious and I suppose the design of the bottle add to that experience too. Cheers!

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