The Square

When it was by birthday back in July, my colleague Caroline treated me to lunch at the lovely L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, so I felt the pressure when it was her birthday this month. I took her to the Square, a restaurant equally decorated with Michelin stars (two) for a fabulous lunch.

The Square is located in Mayfair not far from Berkeley Square and fully booked for this Monday lunch it seemed. The dining room is understatedly elegant and the waiting staff very professional.

We started the meal with nice bread and amazing, almost yellow in colour, salted butter. Unfortunately I could not hear exactly what the amuse bouche was, from our whispering waiter, but it was utterly delicious. A salty jelly at the bottom with a sweeter velouté on top in a little bowl, it was a lovely start to the meal, and made promises about was whas coming.

We opted for the set menu, and Caroline started off with a mackerel velouté with buttermilk muffins and crab on the side. It looked divine, and Caroline confirmed that is sure was.

I had the veal salad with thin slices of fabulous pink veal, runner beans, celeriac and a lovely dressing.

We chose the same maincourse; pollock with chestnut and chanterelle ravioi, amazing puré and pickled walnuts. Absolutely lovely, although with this dish the pollock was not the main character – the ravioli was.

The portions were bigger than at some other restaurants with type of cuisine, and that is of course good in a way, but we were too full after our maincourse to contemplate dessert, but we still received something sweet after lunch, a plate of luscious nougat, with a perfect balanced honey – nut ratio.

Of course we would rather had stayed out in the sunshine than go back to the office, but still a very  good start to the week. 🙂

The Square
6-10 Bruton Street
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7495 7100

Footnote: I try to take pictures when I eat out, but some places just don’t feel right, and this restaurant is one of them. I would feel silly and rude for bringing out my camera, so that is why the write-up is all text, no photos.

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3 Responses to The Square

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  2. Caroline says:

    This was an amazing meal, thanks so much for treating me for my birthday! I agree with you, the only thing wrong with this meal was that we did not have room for dessert!

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