The city of York

We have spent Monday to Friday this week up north in York, the English city that was the capital during Roman times, which you can see evidence of all over the town.

York is a small, but very cosy town, with lots of old buildings and narrow cobbled streets. We had a look around the city and went for a walk on the old city walls, made a visit to the museum where we learned more about the history of York and the amazing Minster. We also wanted to visit the Treasurer’s house, but we had completely missed the fact that they were closed on Fridays, the day when we intended to go. Oh well…

We rented a flat instead of staying in a hotel or B&B, because we wanted to be able to stay in if we wanted to. He priority with this trip was to rest, sleep, unwind and recover from a busy summer, so sightseeing was secondary.

The flat we rented was really nice and close to the train station which meant that we could walk everywhere. It also had a TV (which we actually don’t have) and it was actually really nice to watch crappy day-time television. The flat also came with a DVD-player and a selection of good DVDs, so we stayed in most nights.

After a few days among super friendly people, fresh air, colder more autumnal weather, it was really nice to come back home to London yesterday.

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  1. That looks stunning! I do love Europe for the history and all of those beautiful buildings 🙂

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