Lotta’s restaurant in Ystad, Sweden

One eveningn in Sweden me, Christopher and my mum and dad headed to Ystad, a small town in the south of Sweden, just by the seafront, and the home of one of Sweden’s buggest crime exports; Wallander. For those of you who have seen the series, I promise that Ystad is actually a nice town and not that grey and brown as portrayed in the series.

My parents wanted to take me to a restaurant called Store Thor (The great Thor), which they think is the best restaurant in the whole of Ystad. During the summer, however, the regular restaurant is closed and instead they only serve more simple dishes, like burgers and chicken scewers and that was not really what we were after. The outdoor seating didn’t look very nice either, as many tables crammed together as possible, I guess so they could make good money during the tourist season, but it would still be nice to keep the normal restaurant open for regulars.

We passed on the burgers and walked across the street to Lottas instead. At least it was a cosier atmosphere. The food was quite good, but still not exactly what we were after, but we still enjoyed it. And if we had booked here and gone here knowing what to expect we would have been quite happy.

The snaila that Christopher, myself and dad chose as a starter were big and juicy, served without the shells and tasted lovely.

Mother chose a toast Skagen instead and received a large plate full of salad, rye bread and prawns.

As a maincourse, three of us chose the same again, this time mother, Christopher and I – the schnitzel Cordon Bleu; thinly sliced pork escalope folded in half with Swiss cheese and smoked ham in the middle. It was huge, as you can see, and very tasy. So was the jus that came with it. The potatoes dissappointed slightly, and was the only potato option on the menu, but still good.

Father chose the pepper steak with peppercorn sauce and the same potatoes, and he really enjoyed the tender meat.

After such sturdy dishes, we were way too full to even think about dessert…

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