A wonderful day in Copenhagen, Denmark

Before we left Sweden we had time for a day in Copenhagen. It is so convenient to go there, by car at least, the trains are a pain at the moment. Since it was Christopher’s second time in Copenhagen we decided to be cultural and do some sightseeing.

First stop was Amalienborg Palace, the Danish equivalent to Buckingham Palace. We went into the small museum that was quite uninpressive and then watched the changing of the guards. Although most of the castle is not open to the public, still walk this way just to see the location. With an impressive cathedral right behind it, a wonderful view of the canal and the newish Opera House it feels rather nice.

After Amalienborg we had a quick lunch before heading to Rosenborg castle, which turned out to be amazing. A real, but small, castle complete with a moat and impressive interior. Best of all was the treasury where the crown jewels are kept. And that explained why two guards were combat ready with machine guns and knives outside the castle.

The most important thing with the castle was the grand hall on the second floor where they displayed the thrones. So worth a visit!

After being cultural for most part of the day, we decided we had deserved a nice coffee break. After Daniel and Maria’s recommendations we headed towards Nyhavn (the New Harbour) which is a real tourist trap, although nicely situated by the canal. But if you walk past all the seedy restaurants and turn left you find this amazing wooden deck with amazing views of the river, the opera house and Noma.

The place is called Ofelia beach and has a restaurant inside, as well as a café and bar and all the tables outside. Lovely, and so different to heaving Nyhavn, here was peace and quiet and perfect to sit and just watch the water and what is happening on the other bank.

On our way back towards the big pedestrian street, Strøget, I had to have icecream with guf, which is a must for me when in Denmark. Guf is like loose marshmallow fluff and tastes sweet from strawberries. I love it, but maybe more because of childhood memories than because it is a delicacy…

We also had time for some shopping, wines at Kjær & Sommerfeldt and kitchen stuff at Illums bolighus, then the skies opened and we rushed to the car and drove back to Sweden to meet up with Daniel and Maria for dinner.

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