My birthday part I: L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

It was my birthday yesterday and I got spoilt absolutely rotten. At lunch time, my dear colleague Caroline took me to L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (just next to the Ivy in Covent Garden) and we had a fabulous lunch. The restaurant offer a prix fixe menu, regular a’la carte and also small plates a’la carte, which we went for.

First of all we recieved an amuse bouche from the kitchen; heavenly foie gras with a foamy top.

There after the small plates arrived two by two. First up was this lovely egg in cocotte with a wild mushroom foam. Absolutely delicious!

We also had the crab waffles with tarragon. The display was wonderful and the red and black theme comes through the whole restaurant. The waffles were absolutely lovely; crisp on the outside and soft on the inside wit the crab meat.

Next up was the langoustine fritter with pistou. Simple but very nice.

We also had the arctic char with squid and squid ink. The fish was perfectly cooked and just fell apart. It was also nice to find char in a London restaurant, in Sweden it is a common fish, but not here.

The last dish was pig’s trotters on toast with pancetta and slivers of parmesan. Absolutely fantastic!

I highly recommend a visit, and I know for sure I will be back. Thanks Caroline!

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon
13-15 West Street,
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5 Responses to My birthday part I: L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

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  2. Peggy Li says:

    Thank you for coming and be-lated Happy Birthday to you. We love the images you have taken very pretty.

    Look forward to welcoming you again soon.

    Best Wishes,

    The Team at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon London

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