Salad with beetroot and goat’s cheese

When I eat a salad I want it to be a substanstial one with ingredients like chicken, bacon, cheeses, avocado etc, so i actually feel full for a long time, otherwise I don’t see the point. Don’t get me wrong, I love salads and vegetables, but they aren’t very filling on their own.

Last week I made this salad with the classic combo of beetroots and goat’s cheese. It is lovely and fresh, but still fills you up.

Salad with beetroots and baked goat’s cheese, serves 2

2 little gem lettuce


4 fresh beetroots

mild chèvre

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 part white wine vinegar

2 parts extra virgin olive oil

salt, white pepper

crema di balsamico

optional: pine nuts and other vegetables

Cut the green off the beetroots and boil them (unpeeled) in salted water until they’re soft, about 30-40 minutes. Leave to cool before rubbing off the skin with your hands. Cut in wedges and leave to cool. Rinse the lettuce and divide between two plates. Cut the chives and sprinkle over the lettuce. (Add other vegetables). Cut the goat’s cheese in two, place on a roasting tray, add salt, epper and crema di balsamico. Bake i 200C for 5-10 minutes. Place in the middle of the salad, and add the beetroots. Mix the dressing, season to taste and pour over the salad. Add some more balsamico. Serve with bread or croûtons. 

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2 Responses to Salad with beetroot and goat’s cheese

  1. I’m with you! If it’s too light I’ll just end up hungry a few hours later. If it’s got some yummy bits of protein in it then it’s a proper meal 😀

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