England: Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire id the country where my boyfriend grew up and we stopped by there on the countryside tour, so my parents could meet his mother Eileen.

We stopped by Eton and Windsor, which you can walk between. Eton is where the famous boy’s school is and it is quite fun to see the pupils walking around the village in their school uniform, tails. It was Easter when we were there though, so no pupils in sight.

Windsor is known mainly for the castle, but we didn’t have time to go in. The town itself is quite cosy to walk around in though.

In the evening we went to the old nice pub Royal Standard (which I have written about before) for dinner. We had forgotten how big portions they serve so after a starter and main each there were just no way we could eat dessert.

All three Swedes chose the garlic prawns, which were messy but yummy.

Christopher tried the French onion soup with beef and bacon stock which was delicious.

Eileen had the goat’s cheese salad as a starter, and I had the same, but a larger version, for my maincourse.

We were there on a Sunday so everyone else had the Sunday roast. Either pork or lamb, but they had the option of chicken and beef too. It was a large portion with all the traditional trimmings.

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