England: The New Forest

The New Forest is a National Park not far from Southampton, and even though I have friends in the area and a colleague who has a house there, I didn’t know what to expect from our visit there.

We drove over a cattle grid and had entered the park and the leafy trees disappeared and were substituted with a moor full of yellow flowering bushes (cytisus I think), and wild horses a plenty. Although the leafy trees returned further in.

Yes, wild horses. I had no idea horses (and cows and donkeys(!)) were running wild in Britain. Then I would have gone there sooner!

The area also has a few marinas and a cute town called Lymington. But The New Forest is mainly known for the main attraction: Beaulieu.

Beaulieu is a nice old village and home to Britain’s largest motor museum, and of course my dad wanted to come here.

The museum is in a large park which belongs to the manor and abbey in Beaulieu and you can visit all the different attractions on the same ticket.

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3 Responses to England: The New Forest

  1. I love the history in Europe and the UK. It really gives you a sense of how old a country is doesn’t it! 🙂

  2. Van says:

    I was attracted to the existence of this remarkable ‘New Forest’ after reading Elizabeth Georges’ “This Body of Death”, which is remarkable in itself!
    I love the idea of free ranging horses; ponies; cattle, etc. and would love to spend
    some time in the New Forest to experience – that experience!

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