Drinking out

This week has been very different to a normal week for me, because I have been out eating and drinking both Tuesday and Wednesday and have drinks planned tonight as well. I love it though (although I’m tired) and I am certain that on Friday we will have a quiet night in with fresh prawns and a nice salad, and that I will have a looong lie-in on Saturday morning.

We went to a bar in Soho yesterday that is called Lab Bar (Academy) and they have really nice cocktails. To start with we had champagne, and then I had a wonderful passionfruit martini with the great name ‘Porn Star Martini’ and it had a shot glass of champney on the side. Around 10pm we realised that we were really hungry and we just went into the first place we passed by that looked decent. It can go totally wrong when you have that approach, but we were not disappointed with the pizzas we had in a place called Amalfi. That got both me and Carina thinking of the pizzeria back home in Beddingestrand (on the south coast) with the same name, and suddenly I was craving Swedish pizza. it sounds odd I know, and even though I can eat plenty of nice pizzas here, I sometimes miss the Swedish kind. It is definitely on my to-eat-list for the trip home this summer!

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