Asparagus with poached pheasant egg

If I see something unusual or interesting food wise, I usually can’t resist the urge to buy it. So when I saw these pheasant eggs at Daylesford Organic on Saturday, I just had to buy them. They also had the more common duck eggs and quail eggs, which I have tried before, but pheasant eggs were new to me.

The eggs are quite small (but a lot bigger than quail eggs), the shell is grey and hard compared to regular hen eggs. The flavour was a bit different too, even though it tasted like eggs. But if you compare chicken to wild birds and do the same thing to the eggs, then you can figure out what it tastes like.

Asparagus with poached pheasant egg, serves 2

8-10 green asparagus spears

2 pheasant eggs

white wine vinegar



truffle oil

Break off the ends of the spears. Place in a pan and cover with boiling water. Add salt. Cook for a few minutes until they are ‘al dente’. Drain. Fill another pan with boiling water and 1/10 vinegar. Set the heat so that it is simmering. Break one egg into a mug/cup and lower it into the simmering water. Cover with a lid and take out the egg after 2 minutes. Transfer to a bowl with cold water. You can either poach both eggs at the same time – break the eggs into different cups and lower them into the water after each other, or poach them one by one. While the eggs are poaching, heat up some butter in a skillet and fry the asparagus for a couple of minutes. Divide between two plates, add salt, place the egg on top and drizzle truffle oil on top. 

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