Portobello Market, Daylesford Organic and Hummingbird Bakery

On Saturday I chilled out in Notting Hill with my friend Jenny. It was nice spring weather and a perfect day for a lazy stroll. 

I love cosy Notting Hill, and although there are plenty of tourists it is well worth a visit.

Portobello Market is the famous market on Portobello Road and the street starts just by the Notting Hill Gate tube. In the beginning of the street there are a few clothes shops, vintage shops and souvenir shops, but further along the antigue shops and the antique market starts. Further towards Ladbroke Grove is the fruit and veg market which has blossomed recently and now sell nice food (Belgian waffles, sausages, paella, falafel and so on) as well as cheap and fresh vegetables, nice flowers, breads, olives and other foodie bits. We both bought some lovely tulips and daffodils and a few different types of olives.

Before we got this far we stopped by the Hummingbird Bakery, because for once there was not a massive queue (sign from the universe?), so we went in and picked out two gorgeous cupcakes we would have later that afternoon.

The cosiest part of Notting Hill is around Westbourne Grove, here you find both a Burberry and a Ralph Lauren shop and lots of nice cafées.  We had lunch at Daylesford Organic, which also has a shop. I found pheasant eggs I just had to buy, and they had the cutest Easter chocolates, all organic. There is usually a queue to the cafée, but it is worth the wait. Although the service have been slow on both occasions I have been here, the food is really good and it is good value for money.  We decided on a cheese board each and were not disappointed. We got four large pieces of cheese, fresh nice bread, a chutney and apple wedges. Really nice!

Two types of cheddar, red leicester and stilton.

A while after we had to bring out the cupcakes when we found a bench in a park. We had decided on one Red Velvet and one Sticky Toffee cupcake, and greedy as we are, we decided to share them. They were both lovely, but I think the sticky toffee cupcake won in the end with the bits of toffee on top. Tough decision though! 🙂

From left: Sticky Toffee and Red Velvet

I can also recommend a few other places to eat in Notting Hill. On Portobello Road are:

Electric Brasserie – next to the Electric Cinema. I have only been here for drinks but the brunch seems great (and popular) and behind the bar they mix bloody marys and smoothies after another.

Gail’s – Nice sandwiches on nice bread as well as lots of other baked goodies, sweet as well as savoury. No restrooms though, but still nice.

Westbourne Grove:

Ottolenghi – We had a peak in here and it looks amazing! Have to go soon…

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