Syria: Aleppo

After a few days in Damascus, we travelled up north to Syria’s second city – Aleppo. We both loved the city, that oozes more history than Damascus. It was easy to find our way around, apart from maybe the oldest part of the town, which was a bit of a maze. We loved just walking around without aim, and that was how we stumpled upon the best icecream parlour in the city. It was packed with Arabs, so we joined the queue.

In Syria (and probably all over the Middle East) they use ground orchid root as a thickener, and I could taste it in this icecream too (as well as the strange icecream in Damascus). It has a sweet flowery flavour, actually, and although it tastes nice, I prefer regular icecream.

One of the main things to do in Aleppo is to visit the souq. It is busy busy and have lots of different isles with different things on sale. It is older and more authentic than the one in Damascus, and in the food isles, you got to see some interesting things.

The market was a maze, and it is suppose to be the most authentic souq in the Middle East. I think that is probably true, it was everything but glamorous! 🙂

Another must see is the grand citadel. It was huge and really interesting to see.

The grand entrance.

And the spectacular view from the top.

We visited some restaurants as well of course, but I think they deserve a post each. To be continued…

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