Fortnum & Mason

There is a tall building on Piccadilly with a pistachio green front. It has been there since the 1700s and is the oldest department store in London: Fortnum & Mason.

On the ground floor they sell the most popular items, such as their own label of preserves, tea, coffee and sweets. Everything is nicely packed in fancy containers that to resist buying. The quality is good, even really good, and it is easy to understand why Fortnum’s is so popular.

On the lower ground floor they have other groceries and wine. On the first floor you find a lovely café and icecream parlour, where there is always a queue, nice things for the kitchen and home. This is also where you find their extremely popular hampers. You can even send a hamper filled with goodies abroad!

The second floor is the women’s department and here you find makeup, perfume, lingerie and accessories. Next floor up is the men’s section with shaving equipment, stationery and everything you would need for a gentleman’s study.

I love this place because it is old-fashioned and modern at the same time, but more than anything it is all classic. Before Christmas they sell the most amazing (and expensive) decorations, but the proper kind, glass baubles that are hand-finished, and handmade cards and lovely wrapping paper.

I feel that most people who visit Fortnum’s, especially tourists, only look at the ground floor, and are missing out on all the other lovely things. Please take an extra 15 minutes to explore the whole store, next time.

There is also a restaurant, that I would love to try. It looks nice and old-fashioned, and if the café is anything to go by, it will be great.

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2 Responses to Fortnum & Mason

  1. I wonder if this is the place I was lost in for hours, transported to another time, gorgeous teas, coffee and beautiful bits and pieces. I am obsessed with fabulous places like this. :0) Thanks for the trip down memory lane, oh how Id love to visit London town again. Lets go check out the restaurant together some time. (I can dream right)

    • Hanna says:

      It is an amazing place, glad to be able to remind you of it. And yes, checking out the restaurant together would be great!

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