Afternoon tea at the Wolseley

It was typical English weather on Saturday – rain! But it was mild so it wasn’t too bad. We still managed to go shopping, first in Chelsea, then in Harrod’s and then around Piccadilly before our afternoon tea at the Wolseley at 5pm.  

Our table was up on a balcony, and it was just two tables up there. We had a perfect view over the busy restaurant, and I felt more comfortable taking pictures when we were a bit secluded from the rest of the restaurant. And to make sure the staff would not forget about us, we even had a service button on the table. Cute!

All of us chose the afternoon tea, and the boys drank Earl Grey while Marua and I chose the Wolseley’s own afternoon blend. It was nice and quite smokey.

We got two tiered plates with lots of goodies. The sandwiches were on the bottom plate and were from the right: smoked salmon on wholemeal; cucumber on white; cream cheese and celery on tomato bread; chicken and tarragon on white and eggs and mayonnaise on white. I prefere the celery sandwich and the chicken sandwich, those combinations really worked. There was nothing wrong with any of them, but I really dislike English wholemeal so the salmon was my least favourite.

After the sandwiches we carried on with the fruit scones. They were lovely and light and far from dry. I must say that they are much nicer than my homemade ones, even though mine are nice also. It was lovely with the clotted cream and nice strawberry jam.

Lastly we tried all the nice pastries. You are probably to chose a few each, but we thought it was more fun to try all of them.

We started with the Battenberg, which was a nice version of it, even though I don’t particulary like the cake. The rhubarb tarte we tried next was more my cup of tea. It was quite sharp but very nice. Next we tried the cheesecake which was heaven. It was vanilla with two layers, first the cream cheese layer and then the sourcream layer on top, which is exactly how I prefer my cheesecake. I would happily have a bigger slice of this!

The large macaroon was pistachio flavour, and I disliked thebitter almond taste. Nothing wrong with it other than my personal taste. The meringue was ncie and chewy, just the flavourting that wasn’t what I would have liked. The chocolate cake we tried next was not that great according to me either, but I can (obviously) be quite picky with cakes. The mousse was lovely but too rich for me, and the cake underneath was a little dry. I think I would have liked it better if the proportions were reversed, with more cake than mousse, but Christopher liked the mousse and would quite happily have had a tub of it! 🙂 The last pastry was a coffee profiteroles, and since I don’t like coffee I didn’t even try it. I was quite pleased as it was!

I realise that I have been extremely picky in my review but that is my nature. I dissect every single thing. But put it all together this was a wonderful afternoon with friends, and with my picky taste there is no way I would like everything in such a diverse selection as an afternoon tea. The standard was very high and I would happily come back here for there afternoon tea.

Although it was easier to take photos on the balcony, I still only had my small compact with my, and the photos are not great, but I hope you can get an idea of what it was like.

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