Busaba Eathai

I met up with two ex-colleaugues yesterday after work, Sinead and Katie. We met at a thai restaurant in Soho, which I have heard lots of good things about, and it was actually on the Time Out list as well – Busaba Eathai.

I apologise for the fuzzy iPhone photos.

Sinead finished work earlier than us, so she managed to get there before the crowds and grabbed seats for us, because you can’t book in advance.

During my walk to the restaurant I walked through China Town where they were celebrating the Chinese New Year (it is now the year of the Rabbit) and there were lots of people about and lanterns swaying in the sky. It is at moments like that I realise how much I love this city!

A few minutes walk later and I reached the restaurant, which I first walked past because of the subtle signage. The restaurant was really nice and furnished in dark wood. Straight a head to the right was a cloak room and along the wall at the back was the open kitchen. The tables were large square ones with room for eight people, so if you were a smaller group than that you had to share. I quite like the idea to share with strangers. It fascinates me what food people order and it is fun to guess how they know each other. Love people watching.

The breaded prawns and the spring rolls.

Chicken satay

All three of us were starving so we ordered three starters to share and a main course each. The starters were: large breaded prawns with a nice dip, vegetarian spring rolls and chicken satay. The prawns were juicy but crispy on the outside and the dip was delicious. The spring rolls were a bit disappointing even though they were crisp, but they lacked a lot in flavour. I wouldn’t order them again. The chicken was lovely though, very moist which is not always the case with chicken satay, and the peanut dip was really nice too.  

Rose apple and chicken wok

For mains, Sinead ordered the rose apple chicken wok and Katie and I chose the pad thai, and I tried the thai roti as well, because I have never had it in a thai restaurant before.

The pad thai

I love pad thai and this was a really nice version. It could have been a bit heavier with ginger, but it was still delicious. There were plenty of prawns, and had the peanuts on the side. The roti was a deep fried round bread, quite similar to langos, but I don’t think it had potatoes in the batter. Nice but not amazing.

The service was good, and even though the queque was growing outside (the queque was as long as the front of the restaurant) we didn’t feel rushed. The food arrived quickly after we’d ordered it and the Sauvignon Blanc was cold and crisp and we got ice water without asking for it which is nice.

All this only cost around £60, for the three of us, which is great value for money, especially considering it included a bottle of wine.

I highly recommend this place! There are a few restaurant to chose from but the Wardour St one, which we went to, seems to be one of the more buzzing ones.

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  1. Happy Chinese New year Hanna! It looks like you found a nice meal here! 😀

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