Everyday restaurants in London

I often get the question ‘Which restaurants do you recommend in London?’ and as much as I like to recommend the gourmet places I save up to go to, it is quite good to focus on the everyday eats as well. London is a jungle when it comes to restaurants, and there are so many tourist traps with bad food, that can ruin your day, so I’d like to name a few cheaper restaurants (many are chain restaurants that you find all over town) that I recommend, and a few that needs to be avoided in my opinion. 🙂

If you want to grab a sandwich I recommend Pret or Eat, where most office staff buy there lunch. I am not a big fan of the triangle sandwich, but here at least everything is fresh. I prefer Paul or Patisserie Valerie, where they have decent European bread, quiches and delicious-looking cakes.

If you want something more substantial than I sandwich I recommend:

Carluccio’s – Proper Italian pasta, only slow service sometimes. 

Pizza Express – Probably the most popular pizza chain in London. Nice pizzas and I like their doughballs with garlic butter. Service is usually alright. 

Strada – Even better pizzas than Pizza Express, and the pasta is also a bit better, but if you want pasta go to Carluccio’s. Nicer ambiance than Pizza express but slightly mroe expensive. Slow service sometimes.

Nando’s – Piri piri marinated chicken is the only thing on the menu (nearly) with lots of different sides. You order and pay at the bar and get the food brought to your table. Quite greasy but they have a nice sweet potato mash. Good value for money.

Las Iguanas – Mexican chain who serve both good cocktails and nice food. Not the cheapest eat, but good.

Wagamama – Nice rice and noodles dishes. You sit at communal tables with benches. Nice and fresh.  

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Burgers from New Zeeland. Their garlic mayo and BBQ sauce are great and their burgers certainly does the trick when hangover.

Feng Sushi – A sushi chain with decent sushi. Haven’t tried any of the other chains though, there might be a better one.

Tobiko – Small sushi place in Covent Garden who serve really nice and fresh sushi. Only downside is the size of the maki rolls – they’re huge and makes them a bit tricky to eat. But it is too good to bother about that.

China Town – Lots of restaurants from choose from. Most serve great food to a cheap prize.

Ping Pong – Dim Sum chain which is quite nice. Of course not as good as dim sum in China Town, but still nice. Usually quite a queue, so come early.

Jamie’s Italian – Nice for a weekday supper. Rustic and great charkuteries. Lacks a little finesse.


Wahaca – mexican street food restaurant in Covent Garden that is quite popluar. But I can’t understand why. Everything tastes the same and not good at all.

Fire & Stone – pizza plca in Covent Garden that again is popular for reasons I don’t understand. They have odd combinations of toppings which could have worked if the pizza base was any good, but it isn’t. Bad service.

Garfunkel’s – a real tourist trap around Oxford St/Piccadilly. Bad food and not good value for money. 

Angus Steakhouse – another tourist trap you will pass by lots of times. Not very cheap and not very good steak.

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