Brunch at Dishoom

I am finally feeling like myself today. Back to normal! I managed to eat a proper dinner last night and today I ventured out of the flat for the first time since Tuesday. It wasn’t for long, but it did me good with some fresh (?) air and to see my friends for brunch for a couple of hours. Jenny was kind enough to meet me already at the tube and we went in to central London together, where we meet the other six girls for brunch at Dishoom.

I have mentioned this place earlier, it is a Bombay Café in Covent Garden / Leicester Square.

It was nice to try different brunch dishes than the regular fry-up or Eggs Benedict, and it was fresh and done well.

We had booked a table for noon, and they serve breakfast until 1pm, but they also start serving lunch from noon, so we could have whatever we wanted on both menus. I hadn’t had any breakfast and since my stomach has been bad this week I wanted something safe and tried the bacon naan roll with chilli jam and a glass of chai. It wasn’t really a roll, more a naan folded in half filled with the jam, smoked bacon and coriander and cut in half.

Most of the others chose the full Bombay which was a plate with fried tomatoes, mushrooms, a slice of toast, bacon and an omelette with vegetables in. Even though it was plenty of food and looked really nice, I was happy with my choice as the bacon naan was really good, but also I prefer my omelette creamy and runny and this one was dry. 🙂 One of the girls tried the sausage naan roll and it was filled to the brim with sausage. Two of the girls also shared a side of calamari. That would have been to early for me but I know since my last visit that they are really nice.

Compared to the Friday evening in December when I was here last, when it was buzzing and fully booked, the ground floor was only half-full at this time of day today. But it is January, every restaurants least busy month of the year. The service was a bit slower this Saturday but there were more of us, and we hat lots to chat about so it didn’t matter.

This brunch set us back about £10 each including service charge, which is great for a breakfast.

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