Lovely dinner!

I didn’t feel to great over the weekend, my head was pounding and I had some kind of sinus infection. Unfortunately I had to cancel brunch with a friend and take it easy, but we still had friends over in the evening. We set the date for this dinner in October, that’s how difficult it is to get everyone together, so it was easier just to get it done. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one cooking. Christopher was in charge of the main course (rabbit with tarragon sauce, hasselback potatoes, parsnips and wilted spinach) and the dessert which was an amazing tarte tatin. I prepared the amuse bouche or pre-starter consisting of our beloved Jerusalem artichoke soup with a bit of thyme, steamed mussels as a starter and a pre-dessert of cloudberry parfait which I made in advance. And thanks to the dishwasher it wasn’t too bad to do the washing up either.

We had a lovely evening. I laughed until my jaws hurt, and I don’t think I was the only one, and the wine was flowing. It gave me lots of energy but I was still not well yesterday and spent most of the day in my PJs. Not feeling great today either, so I will post the recipes later this week.

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