Beetroot soup with thyme

Since we ate the lovely beetroot soup at the Wolsley has someone been nagging me to cook beetroot soup. I had never cooked it before but am always keen to try something new in the kitchen. I used this Swedish recipe for inspiration but didn’t follow it eaxtly… You know me. 🙂  

The combination of thyme and beetroots was lovely, and nothing I would think of myself, but I chose to top my soup with parmesan shavings instead of pecorino, because that was what I had at hand. Christopher had the day off when I was to cook this and I asked him to cook the beetroots before hand as it can take quite a long time. I had asked him to cook them with the skin on, but he only heard half the sentence and had peeled them and everything. Really great, as that is what I dread with beetroots; getting stains everywhere. I think the soup would have tasted even more if the beets were cooked with the skin on, but this was delicious anyway. A good first atempt!  

Beetroot soup with thyme, serves 2

500 g beetroots

500 ml vegetable stock

50 ml cream

dried (or fresh) thyme

salt and pepper

lemon oil

to serve: parmesan shavings

Peel the beetroots and cook them in water until soft. Divide into smaller pieces and cook in vegetable stock for 30 minutes. Add cream and blend the soup until smooth. Season to taste with thyme, salt, pepper and lemon oil. To serve, sprinkle on some parmesan shavings. 

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2 Responses to Beetroot soup with thyme

  1. Beetroot soup is always such a stunner isn’t it & I love it when you bake off the beets first in the oven & caramelise them first, then make the soup as usual, adds another rich dimension.

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