A long time ago I went here now, but have simply been too busy cooking over Christmas to write about this little gem in the heart of Covent Garden.

In the beginning of December my Swedish friends Henrik and Susanna came to London for a weekend. We met up with them after work on the Friday and had a few cocktails at the London Cocktail Club and then walked around the corner to Dishoom, a bombay café I waas dying to try. I knew beforehand that it was a fairly cheap eat and I was surprised of how nice the interior was. Although Praveen at work, who recommended it to me, said that it was good indian food and a nice interior, I didn’t expect it to be this nice.

We hadn’t booked when we got there and the place was really popular so we had to wait 45 minutes. No problem, we walked to the pub two doors down and 45 minutes passed by quickly. When we got back to the restaurant our table wasn’t quite ready. They apologised and had us sat down on a sofa and offered us chai, so we weren’t exactly annoyed. 🙂 After just a few minutes a table came free, a waiter sat us down and explained that they don’t really serve a three-course meal, and encouraged us to share the food. We decided on quite a few dishes; vegetable samosas, calamari, raijta, lamb biryani, grilled chicken tikka, curry of the day with chicken and lamb kebabs. We also ordered rice and naans. and had the choice of plain or garlic naans either with butter or without. I chose a garlic naan with butter and it was excellent. Maybe even the best naan I’ve ever had… 🙂 We ordered three rice, and that was a bit much, especially since the biryani has rice in it. Even the boys were struggling to finish all the food, so the amount we ordered was definitely enough.

Not the greatest picture, but hopefully you can see naans, byriani, chicken curry and chutneys.

The food was quite spicy, especially the chicken tikka, so the raijta was popular! Great service as well, as soon as we’d finished a glass of water a new one magically appeared. The food arrived quickly and was really nice. Plenty of choice and very good value for money.

We also had a bottle of wine, and even though the food was quite cheap they didn’t have any really cheap bottles of wine that no-one wants to drink. The wines were decent and started on £18 a bottle.

The food was excellent and we got plenty of it, but what really made this a nice evening out is the interior of the restaurant. Tiles on the floor, nice and clean, simple design with a hint of the east. Dark wooden tables and chairs, an open kitchen at the back and light and spacious on the ground floor. Downstairs was even nicer with cosy booths and this is where you can have private parties I think, because there was a big group of beautiful Indian women in saris dancing around and chatting. We caught a glimpse of this when we made a visit to the loos, and they were also really nice. In every booth there was a large glass and frame and behind the glass was an array of Indian toys, toileteries and such. A nice personal touch to the place!

The food was indeed of good value for money. For the four of us, all that food and a bottle of wine was only around £70, so this is a place I highly recommend after a few drinks in town.

Dishoom also serve breakfast and lunch, and I am especially curious about the breakfast. A breakfast naan sounds pretty amazing to me! 🙂

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