Deep-fried camembert with cloudberry jam

I like to hoard (and eat, not just hoard) Swedish groceries when I go back to visit. It must be several kilos of food that I have carried in my suitcase the last 2,5 years. Last time I carried over paté, wild ducks and cloudberry jam. 

I love cloudberry jam! Especially with deep-fried camembert. I remember when my mum and I used to eat it from a cheese shop in Malmö when they had the festival on. The best thing about that festival was/is the food.

I was thrilled when I saw breaded camemberts in my online supermarket and tried them asap. Instead of pan-frying them or baking them in the oven as the instructions said I deep-fried them in vegetable oil and they were all gooey and melted inside. Lovely together with the cloudberry jam! Try this.

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