A bit late perhaps… Blond gingerbread cookies

This name is very much deceiving, as these cookies don’t taste at all like gingerbread, BUT they do look like them and I guess that is why they have this name.

Apparently I made these with my dad as a child. I can’t recall the actual baking process, but I do remember the cookies. Quite thick, white and chewy. At Christmas I wanted to make them again and my dad helped – just like old times. 🙂

These are very child-friendly to bake because the rolled out dough is quite thick, these are really easy to make.

Blond gingerbread cookies, makes 50

200 ml caster sugar

1 tbsp vanilla sugar

1 tsp baking ammonium (hartshorn)

200 ml milk

approx 800 ml plain flour

Mix the ingredients in a bowl until the dough is smooth. Roll it out, about 1/2 cm thick and use cookie cutters to make the cookies. Place on a baking sheet and bake in a low oven, 175C for about 5 mins.  

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2 Responses to A bit late perhaps… Blond gingerbread cookies

  1. These look like lovely sugar cookies and yes I see where the blonde from the name comes from! 😀

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