This might sound very corny and retro, but I love fondue. I know that here in England a fondue means a cheese fondue, but in Sweden the meat fondue is more common and that is what I’m talking about here. I enjoyed this with my parents on the 23rd.

I love the fact that it takes quite a while to eat this meal, which gives plenty of time for you to enjoy the trimmings and sauces and to have a nice long chat with the people around the table.

You can either make fondue with oil or buillon. My family has always made the oil version so that is what I know and love. It can be a bit dangerous so do take it easy.

We usually have both pork and beef, diced, fresh mushrooms in wedges and serve it with potato wedges or other crispy oven baked potatoes. Vegetables, bearnaise sauce and barbecue spice is a must and we usually have a few dips and sauces and maybe some garlic bread.

As a little starter we first had some smoked wild duck, horseradish and tomatoes. Simple and lovely!

There is a fondue restaurant here in London, called St Moritz, and I would love to go. Maybe something for you to try if you like fondue just like me.

No recipe is needed. Just dice tender meat. Cook some potatoes, make a few sauces and add a salad or cooked vegetables. Heta up vegetable oil on the hob until it is really warm. Lit the burner and pour the oil into the fondue pan. Start dipping the meat and maybe mushrooms. Remember that the pork needs to be cooked all the way through, but that the beef can be eaten bloody or pink. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Fondue

  1. Sounds yummy. Haven’t had a fondue for ages.

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