NYE 2010 – the canapés

2011 is already here! I started this year with an egg and bacon breakfast and a 3 hour nap. Think I needed both!

New Year’s Eve was a real good night. David and Gaby came around for a delicious meal and then we split up to go to different parties.

When they arrived we had some bubbly, Taittinger NV Brut, and canapés. I am thrilled that Waitrose has Swedish crustades to buy. They are crispy and thin and nice to fill with whatever you can think of. I came up with two fillings that really works!

Wait to put the filling into the crustades when you’re guests has arrived, otherwise they can go soggy. We had about 4 canapés of each kind each, but it is difficult to know how many to make, it depends on how hungry the people are.

Crustades with basil cream cheese, tapenade and tomato



Fresh basil

Black tapenade

Sunblush tomatoes

Chop the basil and mix with the cream cheese. Place a dollop of this in each crustade. Add a dollop of tapenade and half a tomato wedge.

Crustades with serrano ham, goat’s cheese and crema di balsamico


Serrano ham

Creamy goat’s cheese

Crema di balsamico

Cut a ham slice in three. Roll each piece and stand it up in a crustade. Add a piece of goat’s cheese and let it melt in a 200C oven for 5 mins. Add some crema di balsamico.

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