It is over now. Two days ago I left Sweden, family and friends after nine days there to resume my London life.

I had a lovely time in Sweden and did lots of fun things. Had a looovely dinner with mum and dad the day after I arrived, and the next day my friends came over for lunch. Then lunch with Fredrik in my uni town Lund, some shopping and a coffee with Malin and Tobbe in Helsingborg followed by homecooked food and lots of lovely sweets in front of Love Actually. Some more shopping the day after, a coffee with Carina in Malmö and a lovely three-course meal at Daniel and Maria’s in Lund in the evening. Next was Christmas celebrations with my best friend but we had crayfish and prawns with salad and garlic bread instead of heavy Christmas food.  

We always decorate the tree on the 23rd and this year was no exception. We also wrapped the last gifts, prepared food for the following day and relaxed with fondue in the evening. Then Christmas Eve with proper celebrations and tonnes of food with my relatives. And Santa dropped by…

I met a few friends for tacos, lovely company, champagne and more Swedish sweets (sooo miss the sweets) and stock up on Swedish goodies at the supermarket.

As usual my bags were extremely heavy. Partly because I carried Christopher’s Christnas gift from my parents; 5 bottles of sherry, and partly because I had lots of homemade paté and frozen wild ducks in them. 🙂 My flight was 40 mins delayed and then we had to wait an hour (!) for the baggage to arrive, and after 30 mins wait on the train they announced they didn’t have a driver and that they terminated the train I had had enough and treated myself to a cab all the way home. Amazing how my mood changed because the cabbie was nice and made me laugh and because Chris met me with a big hug and carried my suitcases up the stairs. 🙂

I have got rid of most the Christmas decorations now apart from the electric star in the window. Our flat can never be as cosy and Christmassy as my parent’s house so no point trying. Instead I’m back at work and focussing on the next big thing – New Year’s Eve!

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  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas. Love those crayfish, fabulous colours. Happy New Year.

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