Saffron cake with marzipan

This is a great Christmassy cake that I treated my friends to on Sunday when they came over for lunch.

It is nice and moist and has a lovely colour from the saffron. Served with lightly whipped cream and a warm raspberry sauce this is divine!

Saffron cake with marzipan, serves 8

250 ml caster sugar

100 ml grated marzipan

100 ml plain flour

3 eggs

2,5 tbsp vanilla sugar

a pinch of salt

125 g melted butter

1/2 g saffron powder (if you buy the long strands grind them in a pestle and mortar with a tbsp of sugar)

Grease a sprinform and cover it in breadcrumbs. Stir together all the dry ingredients apart from the saffron. Add the saffron to the butter. Add the butter and eggs to the dry mixture. Combine and pour into the springform. Bake in 180C for about 20 minutes until it has set.

To make the raspberry sauce, bring frozen raspberries (or fresh) to a boil, break them down with a fork and add some caster sugar, so it is still tart but not so much. Serve warm with the cake and lightly whipped cream.

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