Time to go home for Christmas!

Tonight, if everything goes according to plan, is it time for me to fly home and give my parents a big hug. ‘My bags are packed and I’m ready to go…’ Fingers crossed the snow won’t manage to stop me. If so, it’s not the first time I would spend several hours waiting in an airport, but it would be nice if it all went according to plan. 🙂

It feels great going home already now, and having a week until Christmas. It feels like I can see my friends more before the holidays than in between.

As usual when I’m going home, I am looking forward to all the nice food. This time it is especially smoked eel, my mother’s soft rye bread and our version of rice pudding I’m looking forward too. My best friend Emma and I, will also have our own little Christmas, but wit shellfish. Yum! 🙂  And this Sunday I’m going to see lots of my friends at the same time when they’re coming over for lunch.

I will continue to blog from Sweden, but want to take this opportunity to say: MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Only a week left now… 🙂

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