Finally: Thanksgiving dinner at the Nomad Chef

I just realised that I completely forgot to write about my first Thanksgiving experience ever. Better late than never right, so here goes:

Gaby and I managed to arrive a few minutes early (for once!) to the supperclub despite trouble on the tube and we were the first ones there. Shelley, the Nomad Chef, greeted us and showed us into the living room while another girl helped us with our coats. We were given a glass of prosecco and a cone with spicy popcorn and we had a little look around. The open-plan living room/conservatory/kitchen was really large and felt very homely with lots of art, books and cookbooks. It was a great room for hosting a supperclub, and after probably a few days of cooking, the kitchen was spotless. Very impressive and organised! Soon after we had a few sips of prosecco more people arrived.

There were (of course) a few American families, with their children and two families knew each other since before, a few couples, groups of girl friends (one girl was turning 30 at midningt and was there with her friends) and a few people on their own. Because a few people knew each other since before everyone was mingling around and it felt like being at a dinner party. A few people were late getting there because of bus and tube problems, but Shelley waited for everyone to arrive which was really nice of her. When we after quite a while, sat down to eat, we were sat around smaller tables in the conservatory end of the room. All tables had matching red table mats and this made it feel even more like a dinner party.

The first course was something I didn’t even knew existed; oyster pie with salad, but I really enjoyed it. We only had small pieces as this is not for everyone, but I liked it so much I had seconds. 🙂 The pie was nice and crisp on the outside with a moist inner, and you could properly taste the oysters but the filling also had a bit of a kick to it, either from chillies or cayenne pepper I think. The salad was just mixed leaves with a dressing, but had mint leaves in it, and that worked really well in a salad.

The next course was the turkey with all the trimmings. Jill and Cinzia from Cucina Cinzia were there with their families and Jill had the honor (or hard work) of carving the turkey. We received a plate each full of perfect creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes, moist turkey, artichoke and walnut stuffing, pumpkin muffin, spicy green beans and two sauces/chutneys. 

After ths lovely course it was time for dessert. We had the choice of pumpkin pie or pecan pie with whipped cream, and the whole table wanted both (of course!). The pumpkin pie tasted a bit too much of cinnamon for me, so I stuck to the lovely pecan pie with caramel sauce. Even though I had the best intentions, I was too full to finish it, but it was the perfect ending to a lovely meal.

This was a perfect evening and it felt very ‘real’ to celebrate Thanksgiving with that many Americans in the room. After dinner we all got to say what we were grateful for or wished for, everyone participated even though we were allowed to pass, and it was a magical evening for me. I think most people felt the same way because everyone was loitering around chatting and no one seemed to want to go home.

Thank you, Shelley, we will be back! 🙂 It is worth mentioning that usually the Nomad Chef does fusion food, and not traditional dinners like this, and I can’t wait to try it.

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3 Responses to Finally: Thanksgiving dinner at the Nomad Chef

  1. Jill says:

    It was such a fun evening and it really did feel like Thanksgiving! Especially since we came with our American friends who recently moved to London, and with our extended “family” Cinzia & Marco!

  2. Oyster Pie? I love oysters and I’m totally intrigued by this! 😮 Must search for a recipe 😀

  3. I have just finished reading some food predictions for 2011 & apparently ‘pies’ are going to be all the rage. I’m wondering if your oyster pie is a bit of a trend setter here. Sounds awesome, very interesting. Can you describe a little?

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