It is the second year in a row now that the four of us (Ian, Anna, Christopher and myself) have travelled to Bruges for the Christmas markets. For the other three, it is actually the third year in a row, but I hadn’t met Christopher then.

Bruges is a lovely city, very picturesque and christmassy. As in most beautiful cities, there is a canal, bridges, nice old buildings and squares. The Christmas market itself is like most other Christmas markets; it has some nice food, some tacky bits, some arts and crafts and some commercial stuff.  

Christmas coffee: a coffee liqeur served warm with wipped cream on top

We didn’t spend much time in the Christmas market, only to have a hot drink, Christmas coffee for the boys, Gluhwein for Anna and hot chocolate with Baileys for myself, a bratwurst later and a quick look around.

Chocolate boobs anyone?

Instead we went to the lovely chocolate shops! Some shops are all christmassy in their display, some tries to be a bit different displaying chocolate boobs and bottoms, and some stick to the traditional.

Chocolate in the making

Our favourite is Pralinette, one of the more traditional shops and their truffels are to die for. They are soo amazing and rich, so one is enough and the lovely taste of chocolate stays in your mouth for quite a while. Pure joy!

Beer galore!

Satan and guillotine beer

Moving on to the other ‘must’ in Belgium – beer. There are plenty of well-stocked beer shops with quite a few (at least to us) unsual ones. A few of them you can find in Belgo in London, but I don’t think you can buy them by the bottle in a shop in England. This is a great Christmas gift tip as well; assorted unusual beers.

Braadwurst with fried onions from the Christmas market

We had a wander around town and popped into one of my favourites that we discovered last year, the cookshop Dille & Kamille. This year I bought four soup bowls, a flan tin, ramekins and some other bits.

This is the tackier part of the Christmas market...

A shop full of Christmas decorations!

After a few hours in Bruges, we did a two hours drive to Brussels where we would spend the evening and the following morning.

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3 Responses to Bruges

  1. Jill says:

    Oooh! I want to go now! I’m a sucker for bratwurst. And who doesn’t love a chocolate decolletage? 🙂

  2. Awesome, I love this time of year when everything gets all lit up in the brilliant Christmas lights and everyone displays tempting morsels for Christmas shopping. Love the Bratwurst & onions, I can imagine that went down a treat huh.

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