Caramel sauce

We have the tiniest freezer. It is not even a freezer, it is just a tiny freezer compartment in the fridge. That is the only downside with our kitchen, but it is a big one… Well, a girl can’t have everything, and at least it stops me from baking lots of cinnamon buns that I would fill the freezer with if we had one.

But it is always a puzzle when you buy food, to not buy more food that needs to be frozen than we have space in the tiny compartment. So when I buy icecream I want to eat it quite quickly as we could use the space for other more important things than icecream… (Yes, there are such things! ;-))

This is why I came up with the excuse to make caramel sauce. I used Pioneerwoman’s recipe and it was really nice and easy. The first evening we had just vanilla icecream with still warm caramel sauce. Lovely and simple. The second evening we had icecream, cold caramel sauce, meringues and warm chocolate sauce. Yu-um. And last night we finished off the icecream with pancakes and some more caramel sauce. Not bad that either. 🙂 And now the icecream is finished so I have room for meat in the freezer instead. Job done.

You find the recipe here.

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