The Wolseley (again)

About two weeks ago we went to the Wolseley for lunch with Ian and Anna to celebrate Christopher’s birthday. There was lots of celebrations for him! 🙂

When we arrived the place was packed with people and we had to wait in the tiny bar for a few minutes for our table. It always amazes me how small the bar is, but I do understand why. This is place where you come for food and not just drinks. The bar is only a waiting area, and it would be a shame if the took space from the restaurant to make a bigger bar.

After a few minutes of waiting Ian and Anna arrive and our table is ready at the same time. It took us quite a while to decide on what to have. I could eat everything on that menu, but tried to be tactic as we had cheese and a birthday cake waiting, not to indulge in something too heavy like the quail’s eggs with hollandaise. Instead I go for the beetroot soup with horseradish and Christopher chooses the same. The soup is nice and smooth with a swirl of white horseradish in the middle of the deep red. Christopher thought the portion was too large, but I didn’t understand what he meant and finished my soup. I was hungry… 🙂

Anna has the avocado vinegrette and Ian a chicken soup with dumplings. The avocado is perfectly ripe and comes with a lot of the vinegrette, it looks simple and lovely. Ian’s soup is a clear broth with chicken, vegetables and dumplings and he seems very happy with it.

For main courses, we all decided on different dishes, am sure the chefs loved us… 🙂 Anna went for fillet of oat-crusted whiting with remoulade, and it looked very nice. Christopher chose the roast beef with yorkshire pudding and gravy. He enjoyed it and said that it was as good as the one he’s had at Trinity, but that my roast potatoes where better. Ian chose the double lamp chop with bubble and squeak and was extremely happy with it. I went for the scallops and risotto nero. It was the best scallops I have ever had, they were silky and perfectly cooked and came with a nice herb oil. The risotto was a bit too salty (and I love salt) and had a bit too much ink in it. It made the pearl-coloured scallops go black as well.

We decided to skip dessert and have teas and coffees instead, as there was plenty of food awaiting us at home.

I really love this place, but compared to proper gourmet-places, this doesn’t really match the category. The food is always well cooked and nice, but it is not innovative and playful like gourmet restaurants. I think that the more I come here, the more I see it as a place for breakfast, a quick lunch when you’re out and about and a simpler evening meal, instead of a full on three course meal.

I still love the Wolseley, and will come back again and again, the food is always well executed, but very classic and the interior and service is amazing. It is well worth a visit if you come to London!

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