Mushroom lasagna

I was quite proud of myself on Tuesday because I managed to cook, take photos and Skype with my friend Malin, all at the same time. My coordination skills are a bit like a man’s so I am thrilled over my ability to multi-task these three things.

It was too much for me to follow a recipe though, but I used this one for inspiration. And I can say that I was very pleased with my version. Creamy and comforting without being too rich. And although all the flavours are mild you can really taste the mushrooms which is great. This lasagna is a bit different, because it is without the tomato sauce, and that makes this version so much better.

The copper pan is out again!

Try it on a boring weeknight when you need a little comfort food, open a bottle of red wine and serve with some nice bread.


... and after.

Mushroom lasagna, serves 2 (and a small leftover lunch box)

Svamplasagne, 2 portioner + en liten lunchlåda

6-8 lasagne sheets

250 g mixed mushrooms or more (I had chestnut mushrooms and button mushrooms at hand)


olive oil


500 ml milk

100 ml single cream

300 ml grated cheese (I had red Leicester and Manchego)

1 large garlic clove, pressed



vhite pepper

Rinse the mushrooms, cut the end of the stems off and slice them. Fry in plenty of butter and olive oil on high heat for a few minutes. Fry them quite hard to keep their texture in the oven. Season with salt and pepper when they’re fried, not during. 

Cook the pasta sheets in water with salt and oil (to prevent them from sticking to each other). Cook for 10 minutes, then drain and place on a plate with oil in between each sheet.  

Heat up milk, cream and garlic in a pan. Make a roux in another pan and add the warm milk bit by bit while stirring. Whisk while it thickens. Season with plenty of freshly grated nutmeg, salt and pepper. Add 150 ml grated red Leicester and let it melt.

Pour some of the cheese sauce into the bottom of a rectangular dish and spread it out with a spatula. Place a layer of pasta sheets on top, spread on some more sauce, scatter mushrooms and grated Manchego. Place another layer of pasta on top and repeat. The top layer should be pasta, cheese sauce and grated Manchego. Bake for about 30 minutes in 190C.

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One Response to Mushroom lasagna

  1. That looks so scrumptious-like the best ever comfort food. I’d be tempted to eat this straight from the baking tin! 😀

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