Rosen in Malmö, Sweden

Since I left Malmö and Sweden two years ago, the town has changed a little. In the old part of the town, the west end, a new hotel has been built. I was very sad when they announced it as they had to tear down the old Saluhall (food market) to do it. I loved that food market, even though there weren’t many shops left, but nice cafées and restaurants. This west part of the town is my favourite, with old houses, nice cobbled streets and a very cosy feel to it. The new development still houses one of the old restaurants, a nice fish restaurant called Johan P, a new TGI Fridays and Malmö’s first five star hotel.

A different display of a dry martini

Even though I was against this development I can’t hold a grudge to something I haven’t experienced, and according to another blogger, the bar Rosen, the rose, in the hotel serves Malmö’s best cocktails. I met up with my friends here last Friday for a drink before dinner. Some chose a glass of cava, and some of us tried the cocktails. Claes went for the classic dry martini and it was served in a very original way, a glass cone holding the drink, but down in a bowl of ice to keep cool and olives scattered in the bowl. I went for an Elderflower Fizz, because one ingredient was my favourite liqueur. The drink was lovely, but I couldn’t really taste the elderflower in it. A shame.

Elderflower fizz

The bar was quite full up at 7 pm, a good sign, and people seemed to enjoy themselves. I didn’t think the bar looked very fancy for being a five star hotel, but maybe we want it a bit understated in Sweden, here in England it is a bit more full on with the decoration.

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3 Responses to Rosen in Malmö, Sweden

  1. I love these Swedish posts Hanna! I really hope to visit there one day 😀

  2. Wonderfully creative presentation for the martini Hanna. Love it.

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