Picturesque Devon

It feels like longer ago, but it was only last week that Christopher and I went down to Devon for a few days to visit his grandmother. It was lovely to se the countryside, the sea, the woods and breath fresh air. I got to try the very English dessert trifle for the first time. Will try and make it myself soon, it was really tasty!

We ate enormous award-winning icecream cones in Sidmouth, with Ferrero Rocher and honeycomb flabvour. Yu-um!

We bought some cheese and chutneys at the farmers market in the grandmothers village. It was pouring down with rain so thankfully it was hel inside. The Sombrero cheddar was absolutely lovely, can’t wait to have it with enchiladas or fajitas or maybe just melted over nachos.

When we saw a fudgeshop we just had to buy some fudge, chocolate, clotted cream vanilla and butterscoth.

It is pretty isn’t it?! It was great to explore more of my new country and I highly recommend a trip to Devon.  It is mostly as picturesque as one thinks, but of course there are a few exceptions.

I love London and have visited a few other places around the UK, but I want to see more. The countryside is so beautiful and the people so friendly.

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3 Responses to Picturesque Devon

  1. So green and beautiful too, lovely pics.

  2. grazing kate says:

    I live in Devon, so very interesting to hear a visitor’s point of view – I will have to explore further on your blog to see where you hail from!

    Greetings from South Devon and glad you enjoyed all our fabulous food (although it’s not particularly healthy – it is totally yummy!)

  3. That is beautiful! 😮 And the scenery is just stunning-onlymatched by the deliciousness of those giant ice cream cones! 😀

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