Wonderful Sweden

It has been quiet here the last week, I went back to Sweden for a few days and didn’t feel I had time to sit by the computer when I see my friends and family so seldom. It was lovely to see them all and catch up.

When I arrived on Wednesday my dear mother had made meatballs for dinner. So much easier to make in Sweden where you can buy mixed beef and pork mince. On Friday I went out for dinner with my friends and on Saturday we had some lovely fish with scallops and the best sauce for fish ever (will post the recipe later).

I also got to spend a whole day with my best friend, and it was great to go shopping, walking around town, have lunch and chat a lot. We don’t see each other that often but when we do, we certainly make the most of it.

I also managed to sort out all my things I have packed in boxes since I moved here, and found the two things I’ve been looking for for two years. Silly things really, but needed; steak knives and a rotating grater. I’m so geeky, haha. 🙂

It was lovely to take some time off, and it actually felt like more than a week, which is great.

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3 Responses to Wonderful Sweden

  1. I just had a weekend at a friends coast house overlooking the ocean, it was so relaxing just hanging out & sitting around talking & reading & I know what you mean, it felt like longer than a weekend. its nice to stop and just ‘be’, time sorta feels like its slowing down.
    Your mini break sounded lovely.

  2. I can imagine that it’s such a lovely feeling being back home! 🙂 And I’m looking forward to the sauce for the fish recipe! Thankyou for sharing that Hanna 🙂

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